Future of MLM

As a business model, MLM will probably be around forever. With companies downsizing and outsourcing so many jobs in today's economy, Many more people will be looking to supplement or replace their current income. It is human nature to want the most return for the least work, and MLM offers just this. While most of these positions are just "puffs of smoke", there are enough legitimate companies operating to keep this type of business viable. These few true oportunities also make it possible for the other type to flourish and multiply.

The final tally is that MLM is a viable opportunity for a few dedicated individuals who are willing to work for what they get. Focusing on sales of a product or service above recruiting new representatives into a downline is the first key to success. Any business that reverses these functions is just a pyramid scheme and the the promises made in their advertisements are pipe dreams designed to prey on human nature. Most people will fail at MLM. Some will, however, thrive and become very successful entreprenuers. The future is strictly in the hands of the individual and his/her willingness to work at it.

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